Nursing students are usually afected by anxiety and stress symptoms. A biofeedback therapy named Qigong is considered to be an effective solution reducing anxiety and stress related symptoms. A randomized single blinded controlled triai will be developed in order to study the immediate effects of Qigong reducing the subjective perception of anxiety and stress in nursing students. Two hundred and eight students from a Nursing University will be invited to integrate the research and will be randomly alocated to the experimental and to the contrai group. Both groups will atend one single qigong class of the so called white bali, and one single regular class respectively. Anxiety and stress symptoms will be measured using DASS-21, STAI and VAS scales before and immediately after intervention. Data will be analysed using SPSS (version23). We hypothesize that Qigong will decrease subjetive perception of anxiety and stress in nursing students after one single class.



Sónia Alexandra de Lemos Novais

Teresa Susana Silva Pereira

Cláudia Maria Gomes de Sousa