Joint Internacional Project



Overall aim:

To provide an international multi-professional network for European students to complete their final degree project in the areas of Health Promotion and Self-Management.

Key outcomes:

  • To facilitate increase joint research projects between students and/or staff of institutions in higher education
  • To increase knowledge about key concepts and models in Health Promotion and Self-Management
  • To facilitate international and inter-professional collaboration between students and staff.


Ideally students co-construct new multi-professional and multi-cultural common knowledge and understanding concerning the topics. However mono-cultural and/or mono-professional projects may be undertaken too, when they will lead – as stepping stones (in the future) towardsnew multi-professional and multi-cultural common knowledge.

Benefits to students and staff:

  • Internationalization (International exchange, cooperation, experience)
  • Working on WHO- and EU-health policy documents and bringing them into education, practice and research
  • Bringing Bachelor theses/Master projects under the umbrella of Health Promotion and Self-Management.
  • Contribution to curriculum development
  • Something about developing language skills besides own native language?
  • Promotion and development of professional identity within a European health professions‘ context


Application Form (brevemente em Google Drive)